Wednesday, 30 June 2010

English Elm - Ulmus procera

There are three main types of Elm found in Great Britain.
1. English elm – Ulmus procera
2. Wych elm – Ulmus glabra
3. Smooth leaved elm – Ulmus minor

Family: Ulmaceae

Genus: Ulmus

Flower of the English Elm

Fruit of the Elm

Leaves of the English Elm 

 Pressed leaves of the English Elm

Full size English Elm 



Elms were traditional in the English landscape until Dutch elm disease annihilated them and they are now mainly confined to Sussex were many still line streets and adorn gardens and parkland.  Brighton and Eastbourne are particularly notable.  Some specimens have survived in the colder northern part of England where the Dutch Elm Disease beetle has less ability to survive.   

The oldest elms are considered to be the “Preston Park Twins” in Preston Park, Brighton each with a girth of 6m. 

Dutch elm disease

Early symptoms are wilting and yellow of leaves in the summer that spreads throughout the crown.  These leaves eventually dies back exposing twigs.

For more information go to The Great Elm Experiment –

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